artist: heet


artist statement:

Subjects of my final paintings appear to be sealed into something. Both apart from and a part of. Attached with a childish dependence. There is a sense of passive resentment in the relationship between the subject and the something. The relationship status is undecided yet. Not necessarily good or bad, one thing is clear — they need each other to live. The resentment comes in; they insist on being their own, separate, and apart, but they know when it comes down to it, that isn’t true. Their lives depend on one another.

artist bio:

Heet was born in Santa Barbara, California and raised throughout the southwest region of America. She received her BFA in Painting/ Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Currently, she is living and working in Leipzig, Germany. Her paintings are a mash-up of mediums, and many times her definition of painting extends into film, photography, digital media, and various forms of printmaking. She finds source in the images, icons, and text that make up daily life. Heet is a process based artist that works against her own impulses and preferences. She creates systems that deliberately contradict her initial instinct to force the work a certain way. Her work questions the validity of morals, meaning, clarity, and consistency. 

contact: eelteeh@gmail.com